Unitas Emiratus
An international alliance of nations on the online multiplayer simulation, NationStates, devoted to using our diplomatic, economic, and military influence to having a positive impact on the individual and the international community.

New Website and Forums
Both the Website and the Forums have recently undergone an extensive redesign and is still in the process of bringing all the new content online. Comments, critiques, suggestions, and critisms are welcomed on the forums.

June ?, 2008
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NationStates 2, Coming Soon!
Max Barry has announced that NationStates 2 is nearly the completion of its development, a process that has taken five years and been ongoing nearly as long as NationStates has been in existence. NationStates 2 is being developed by OMAC Industries, which is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and operates in Los Angeles, United States and Delhi, India. NationStates 2 is being designed purposely for long-term play, giving players greater control over their nations through new diplomacy and customization options.
April 21, 2008
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